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Ermak 5

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                                                                                  Ermak-5 Knife Sharpener

Introducing a brand new product of December 2017 - the Ermak-5 knife sharpener. Ermak-5 uses the same blade tables as Ermak-10! Work is much easier and more comfortable! It can use 5 different blade tables: table with magnets, table with clamps, angled table with magnets, angled table without magnets.

You can now assemble the entire device that you need for your work! And you can also purchase one of our blade tables if required. Available is a millimetre scale range to have the sharpening absolutely under control. This sharpener, same as the E10, consists of a base and a set of blade tables.


You will not find a common goniometer but one that will catch your eye. Its conversion factor is 4. This means that by moving the bar by 1 degree, the goniometer's disk will turn by 4 degrees, which increased its sensitivity fourfold and made it possible to make a smaller but well-readable mark. The distance between the increments on scale is 2.45 mm. This gap can easily be divided in half again and the marks read by 0.5 degrees. We are able to do 0.1 degree increments on request, but we think that it is pointless. The marks are applied to the moving sector in order to maximise the range of the scale. The goniometer is fairly complex. To completely eliminate the clearance, which is typical for toothed gearing, cogwheels with a sprung compensator for the gap between the teeth of the drive wheel and of the driven wheel have been used. The absent clearance allowed for the creation of such goniometer. The drive wheel, which is a sector of the large circular cogwheel, ensures consistent direction of the rotation pointer - moves to the same side as the rod, which is more difficult to do but more natural. The angle range of this sharpener is 5-25 degrees per side. In proportion to this, the overall angle of focus is 10-50 degrees. The E3 and E5 sharpeners now come with universal removable rods. All sharpeners have (unlike on the photograph) non-adjustable legs. It is now much easier to clean the sharpener.


The colour range for the sharpeners is very wide; currently there are 3 options available:



You can order a gift certificate with a required text if needed. This service is free of charge.


The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the construction of the sharpener in order to improve the performance and design of the product without first notifying of these changes and placing information about them on the website.







Replacement device
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Abrasives for sharpening
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Grinder size:(LxWxH) 330х190х270 mm
Box size :(LxWxH) 500x300x300 mm
Weight : 2,8 kg
Warranty : 1 YEAR
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