Ermak 3

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Ermak-3 Knife Sharpener

Sharpening angle between 7 and 25 degrees.

The motion range of the rod in the horizontal section is so big that it allows you to sharpen blades of up to 800 mm long.


                                                                                                           Ermak-3 Knife Sharpener

Sharpening angle between 7 and 25 degrees.  Identical goniometer as on the Ermak-5 sharpener. The difference is in the design and in the sharpening angle scale - larger on the Ermak.  However, the lower price is not negligible. The device itself is much smaller, it is sort of a mini version. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for transport purposes, only a mounting rod is required. No service is needed. In order to ensure comfort when handling the blade or the abrasive, it comes with a miniature stand. This version does not come with adjustable legs, only stuck-on rubber washers. Colour range is the same as for all the other sharpeners. The scale on the goniometer shows increments of 0.5 degrees but because the distance between the increments is sufficiently big - 2.44 mm between increments and 1.22 mm between half increments - it is fairly easy to determine an angle between the increments. The scale is easy to read and it is directly in front of the user. There is a special panel for setting the goniometer and it can be re-calibrated if necessary. To adjust it, the exact angle needs to be set by using a digital goniometer, then loosening two M2 DIN912 screws on the black indicator cover and setting the required angle. Afterwards, tighten the screws up again. This, however, should not be required.

The sharpener bar is similar to the one of Ermak-10. It is an anatomically shaped handle with spring-loaded abrasive on 150 and 200 mm aluminium sheets. For comfortable and easy fixing of the front support and to achieve the desired scale, there are two circular grooves on the rod. The reason for that is that the rod is very smooth. The grooves prevent slipping and decreasing the force of compression. To fix the support, lightly tighten the clamping screw. No extra strength is required.

The motion range of the rod in the horizontal section is so big that it allows you to sharpen blades of up to 800 mm long. This has been achieved thanks to the very delicate post, in which 3 parts of the stand (guide plates and lead screw) are placed on the same level. With this parameter, the E3 device (Jermak-3) exceeds the E5 (Jermak-5), despite the fact that this model has been designed as a compact and cheaper version for everyday tasks. Its small dimensions have no effect on its functions in comparison to older models. A katana or a shashka should, however, be sharpened using special sharpeners or by hand. The distance between the centres of the magnetic supports when open is 160 mm, which is enough for the comfortable sharpening of all types of knives.

We recommend setting the sharpening angle starting with the smaller angle. What does that mean? If the current angle is smaller than the required angle before the start of the setting, simply twist the knob clockwise. Once you have reached the required angle, stop twisting. If, however, the required angle is smaller than what is currently set, we recommend decreasing the angle by 1-2 increments below the required angle, followed by setting the required angle.  Follow the same steps to compensate possible micro clearance of the nut and lead screw. Because the nut itself is glued to the fork using UF adhesive, there is no clearance between the nut and the fork. In 99% of cases, you do not have to compensate the gap, because the goniometer moves very easily on the stands and the rod with the stone, which is inserted in the goniometer, will automatically compensate any possible gaps. It is more of a preventative measure in case there was dirt on the stand. If the knob twists easily (to double check, you can lightly stroke the ribbed grooving counter-clockwise/twisting down/, and the knob twists by centrifugal force more than once), you can forget all of the above. All posts are placed in a special holder, which ensures their absolute parallelism. Until the lead screw is installed, the goniometer moves on the guide plates with the assembly angle of 20-30 degrees from horizontal.  Therefore everything described above is only a recommendation for a non-standard situation.


The stand posts are now made of LS59-1 brass. Also the lead screw between the stands is made of brass. From an aesthetic and design point of view, using brass is more colour-balanced than using stainless steel.

All Jermak-3 sharpeners have a transparent base. Several parts are made from 15 mm thick acrylic plate but acrylic of such thickness in natural milk colour does not exist.   Currently, there are three colours available:

You can order a gift certificate with a required text if needed. This service is free of charge.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the construction of the sharpener in order to improve the performance and design of the product without first notifying of these changes and placing information about them on the website.




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Product Size(LxWxH) 330х190х270 mm
Package Size(LxWxH) 500x300x300 mm
Product weight 1,7 kg
Guarantee 1 year warranty


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