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Ermak 10

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This sharpener is manufactured as a "kit". Purchase only what you need. The kit consists of the following parts: Configurator


Allow me to introduce the long-awaited new product, which replaces our whole series of knife sharpeners - the Ermak-10! It reflects many of our users' demands. But first things first.

This sharpener is manufactured as a "kit". Purchase only what you need. The kit consists of the following parts:

Main construction (see video below).

The main construction is basically the finished sharpener without the final attachment for the tool. It is used for attaching whatever you need during the whole working process. With this model, compared to the previous models, you can easily change the blade table - magnetic, clamp or carpentry. Whereas previously the change of the blade table took minutes, now it will be no more than 3 seconds! Believe me, only two hand movements are required - remove/replace. This considerably expands your options and makes swapping the tables much easier. Anyway, the whole process can be seen in the video. Below you can find video clips with various blade tables. Currently, there are five available.

As mentioned before: magnetic holder, clamping table, angled table with magnets for blades with difficult or sharp tips, angled table without magnets with brass bolts for ceramic and non-magnetic blades with complex geometry and table for carpentry tools. This exchange system also bears in mind the processing of specific "custom made" surfaces. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

The principle of the work and the placement of the blade on the diagonal table is presented in the 3D video below.

Without having to move the blade, you can easily sharpen its basic cutting edge and the tip. Before, you would either have to move the blade or show magical dexterity. The design of this table will certainly not substitute the whole collection, but it will definitely add to it. In case you do not want to use magnets or you will be sharpening ceramic blades, you can use a similar table without magnets that uses brass securing screws which can be easily tightened using a coin. They will not leave any marks on the blade. For accuracy and repetition the table can be angled using the scale which is accurate to one degree and is symmetrical on both sides. Repeat placement is, therefore, not difficult. The bolts in the angled magnetic table work as stops and, if necessary, light clamps in case the blade rotates to the side plate. As with the Tanto blade in the following video. Here it is held in place with bolts on the side plate. The range of the table's angle adjustment is from -34 degrees to +34 degrees, which is sufficient for all blades of this type.

Now some more detailed information about the improvements:

  • The sharpener is now more compact with regards to its length and it is also stiffer due to the base using a 15 mm thick acrylic plate.
  • The most significant difference is the above described system of fast table exchange, but there is more.
  • Another very important change happened on the table with clamps: the fork with clamps can now be mounted vertically (for more detailed examination of the blade) and immediately removed from the table. And I mean immediately, using a single action. It is as easy to reinstall it. Treat, wash, wipe the blade or take it under a microscope for examination, all this is now very easy. Its positioning will not be disrupted at all. The fixing of the fork with the blade is absolute and rigid, no force is required (no-one else has such design).
  • Also the pivoting tower is now completely different, with an altered mounting of the stone arm. There is no force or levelling required during the assembly. Only one bolt is need to fix the stone arm to the tower. Quick and easy!
  • Due to the replacement of many steel parts with acrylic, the weight of the moving parts has decreased significantly.
  • For more comfortable work with the magnetic holder, the diameter of the main cogwheel adjusting the angle of the table has decreased.
  • The cogwheel cover is now integrated in the adjustment system and comes free of charge. And it makes it look prettier.
  • The handle on the stone arm is more ergonomic and feels nicer in the hand - all this due to the increase in size.
  • The sharpener now comes with a stand-ruler on demand for working with clamps and for exact levelling of the cutting edge when flipped.
  • Also the clamps themselves have changed significantly (original solution).
  • The sharpener (dispatched as a parcel) is now delivered to the user with the tower attached to the base, which significantly simplifies its assembly. For more detailed assembly instructions, read the user manual.

A wide range of colours is available for the sharpener. The base is always transparent.

You can order a gift certificate with a required text if needed. This service is free of charge.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the construction of the sharpener in order to improve the performance and design of the product without first notifying of these changes and placing information about them on the website.



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