The most important purpose of the grinding machine!

                     What is the purpose of the grinder

The most important purpose of the grinder is to keep the working tool in proper conditions and reduce costs of the purchase of a new tool. The working tool is in fact any cutting tools including knives, scissors, joiner´s and other tools having similar properties and functions. Grinding systems of this type have to be of good quality, reliable and easily operable. Even operator who has not undergone any training must be able to reach very good results with such machine.


State of art electric grinders for wide range of applications are not good for untrained users as they will not reach good results with them. We do not take into account professional systems in the high end price category. One of the key tasks of quality grinding is the determination and preservation of optimal grinding angle and creation of the cutting edge with optimal properties for a specific product. Ordinary cheap grinders have too broad range of applications and it has adverse impacts on their main task. Their abrasive parts range is limited and they are difficult to be replaced. This is why we consider them unfit for our purposes. What they miss are systems for the preservation of grinding angle. Vetako is ready to offer you the widest range of affordable grinders. Even completely unexperienced operators may reach quality results with them. The range of systems we offer includes grinder of various process categories.

Purchasing this system you will get the following benefits:

  • High grinding precision;
  • Simple installation of the tool to be ground;
  • Wide range of the grinding angle meeting all needs;
  • Exact control of the working process;
  • Using the widest range of abrasive materials both from the point of view of size and type;
  • Possibility to grind complex shapes

Our versatile grinders are ideal for small workshops. Their operation is easy and they are affordable for everybody.

Vetako experts have customised approach to each customer. So, each of you will find what fits his needs and financial possibilities best.

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