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Your machine is made of extrusion acrylic (Plexiglas). This is a very beautiful and durable material, which, however, requires adherence to a few simple rules.

    Never use organic solvents for cleaning the machine (alcohol, benzene, acetone, solvent, white spirit, etc.), as well as liquids for washing dishes, because they contain aggressive surfactants (surfactants). This will lead to a violation of the appearance, clouding and cracking parts. For cleaning, use only water and soap suds from ordinary soap.
    Protect the machine from shocks and falls on hard surfaces.
    Do not use excessive force to control the machine. If something suddenly moves tightly, see if you have loosened all the necessary screws and if there were no foreign objects under the moving parts.
    All metal structural elements, including all fasteners, are made of stainless steel and brass. They are not afraid of corrosion and can safely withstand the washing of the machine under the shower. However, if possible, try to avoid intense contact with water on the bearings. They are made in a closed version, but still it is better not to fill them with much water.
    No lubrication machine does not require, moreover - it is contraindicated, because it can delay abrasive particles.
    Make sure that when working abrasive does not fall on the part of the stem, which is included in the swivel unit. This can lead to a violation of the mirror polished rod and increased wear of the swivel unit. During normal operation, this unit is almost eternal, since it is made of graphite-filled "Polyamide-6", or of "polyacetal" POM-S (Polyoxymethylene C).
    Be careful with magnets - they are very strong. Install the knife only by sliding the pulling movement alternately, starting with the tip and ending with the base! Remove the knife in reverse order, first move the blade base, then tighten the tip. If you try to stick or tear the entire blade at once, you may be injured by the blade with a strong jerk, or damage the magnetic holders.
    Before you begin, be sure to seal the magnets of the holders with masking tape - this will save your blade from scratches, improve the contact of the blade with the holders and allow, if necessary, to put marks on the tape for a stable position of the blade when sharpening.
    Do not try, for any purpose, to tighten the mounting screws more - they are installed using a torque tool and do not require periodic tightening throughout the entire service life of the machine. Attempting to tighten them more can lead to excessive loads and, as a result, to the appearance of cracks. If, for some reason, one of the mounting screws is weakened, tightening it slightly, rotating the screwdriver with literally two fingers.

If you follow these simple rules, then your machine will serve you faithfully for many years and will delight you not only with excellent work, but also with your appearance.

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